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Home Sweet Homes – Peaceful River I, II & III

Peaceful River provides residential settings that provide individuals with independent living support and training to assist them with their personal achievements. Peaceful River I & II are Community Living Arrangement Homes (CLAs) that provides twenty-four-hour supervision for individuals meeting the criteria in admission, acceptance, and retention in the Rules of Department of Human Resources Office of Regulatory Services, Chapter 290-5-35. Meanwhile, Peaceful River III is geared towards veterans and their dependents.  This program focuses on any individual with a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability, and any other related disorder not requiring hospitalization. 

Peaceful River I (PRI) and Peaceful River II (PRII) programs focus on any individual with a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability, and any other related disorder not requiring hospitalization. Peaceful River recognizes the individuality of each person involved in a supportive Living environment and will utilize a person-centered approach in developing care plans/service plans. Support and training is provided on a one-on-one basis. For emergency situations, residents have access to experienced and thoroughly trained nursing and direct care staff with CPR, crisis prevention intervention and first aid training among others.

Peaceful River utilizes basic concepts of “Reality Orientation” when working with residents, in conjunction with a visual schedule of structured and planned activities that Involve staff, residents, and community services. This CLA Home allows the individuals to be even more in control of the things they aspire to achieve. These concepts and this type of assistance help to build and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of persons served in this residential setting.

It is the policy of Peaceful River to incorporate the services and charges this residence intends to provide. Qualified staff will work to ensure that these services are provided in an appropriate and consistent manner.

Each individual will receive care and service that will be adequate, appropriate, and in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations; without discrimination in the quality of service based on age, gender, race, physical or mental disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, or the source of payment for services.

Individuals enrolled in this Community Living Arrangement Homes will be provided with personal support services which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Twenty-four hour housing (i.e., fully furnished bedroom and supplies)
  • Continuous assessment of resident’s needs and conditions
  • Supervision of nutrition, including three meals day, meals not to exceed 14 hours between morning and night and have snack in between meals
  • Protective care and oversight
  • Supervision of personal care (shaving, hair combing, showering, and etc.)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Personal items, such as towels, toilet tissue, soap, and light bulbs
  • Transportation to all appointments and leisure activities
  • Sixty days written notice prior to changes in charges
  • Thirty days written notice prior to discharge
  • Scheduled recreational and cultural activities/hobbies
  • Social interactions and communications with family, friends, and/or representatives
  • Services appropriate to the needs of the resident is planned, coordinated, and made available under the direction and assistance of the staff.